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Good Things in 2020?

Good Things in 2020?

October 27, 2020

We’re about a week away from the election and, I don't know about you, but I’m tired of the relentless politicking. 

Case counts are rising around the country and like they say in Game of Thrones"winter is coming".

A stimulus deal to help the folks who are scraping by seems stalled.

Markets are down (then up.... and then down etc).

It's hard to feel positive some days.

Here's a question to think on.....

When we take a look at 2020, it’s easy to see it as a long string of disasters, one after another. And the last year has exacted a terrible cost - in lives cut short and dreams shattered.

But what if we look for the good stuff that happened as well?

Sometimes, it’s hard to remember the good things because they slip in quietly and often go unnoticed.

While the bad news announces itself loudly, instantly, and overwhelmingly (mostly thanks to the media)!

What if we paused to ask: what good has come to our live's because of this year?

I’ll start.

I’m grateful for the additional time I've had to spend with my family. This year has been an invaluable one for me:

  • I have been able to be with my son more than I ever thought I would during these early developemental years/stages of his life. He is the biggest joy in both my wife and I's life. We are so grateful and fortunate to have the little man!
  • I have had the opportunity to visit and spend more time with my grandma (which according to doctors wasn't suppose to live past August, and luckily she is still defying those odds).

Here is a pic of her and her great grandkids as well as her and our family.

  • I, along with most of America it seems, have been able to tackle several house projects that otherwise would most likely not have been tackled.
    • Here are a few that I that really seemed to be popular....

  • Lastly, this year has been an extreme year of growth for me professionally as I have gained my Series 66 along with enrolling in CFP (Certified Financial Planner) courses.

It’s so easy to get caught up in the shuffle of work, school, activities, travel, and everything else. I’m glad we had the opportunity to slow down and make each other our refuge. 

I reconnected with old friends from college, and other former teammates from early on in life. We’d drifted apart over the years and I’m glad we could catch up.

I think our grand experiment in remote work is going to yield big benefits to our society. In my life, it’s opened doors to a new way of doing business and I’m excited to explore more.

What about you? I encourage you to look within and think of some of the positive things that you can take away from 2020 (even if we are only nearing November)!